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  • Richard started makings rings like these to explore more ways of getting a natural feel to untraditional wedding rings. It started out as a general crudeness that was slightly more interesting than hammered wedding rings, then developed into trying to recreate the feeling of flint. We try to be specific with each order to get the feel just right.  Next page
  • Richard has many, many hammers and these rings take him back to his blacksmithing days, albeit on a much smaller scale. The texture on mens hammered wedding rings catches the light very nicely, hardens the surface and can hide scratches. This is a good choice for fairly hands-on people who have manual jobs or enjoy outdoorsy hobbies and works well with all the different metal choices including gold, palladium and platinum. Next page
  • Richard first made one of these when he had built up a certain amount of 9ct yellow gold scrap and didn’t want to sell it for the pittance he knew he would get for it. He melted it into a blob and hammered it out into a bar, breaking a hammer in the process! (He fixed it and has bought more appropriate hammers since). This was before Richard had a rolling mill, and the end result was unusual but lovely. It’s quite a knack to melt small amounts of gold without the oxidation messing up the purity, but he's pretty good at it now. The art is now getting the right degree of crudeness, as it has become easier with practice for him to make them more uniform than when he was flying by the seat of his pants. Richard can also make these by melting old gold, perhaps from inherited wedding rings. Next page
  • The first cast rings Richard made were sculpted in very soft clay-like wax. He had done a lot of clay sculpture and the transformation from soft wax to hard metal enthralled him. Richard uses hard wax now, but getting that ‘thumbed’ feel gives it a very hand-made finish that rebels slightly from the machined rings out there. It also makes it slightly more interesting to play with and makes the light dance over it nicely. This is really good for the subtle but personal rings as each ring has its own undulations. Back to the beginning
  • Here is a selection of the more traditional wedding rings we have made. Design is an entirely personal thing and we’re always ready to accommodate the more straightforward requests as well as the more ‘out there’ ones. To many clients, having something personal and understated gives them the sentiment they are looking for in a private way and keeping the overt design features to a minimum is key to this. Next page
  • Rubover setting is the simplest, most subtle way to set a stone in a ring. It allows Richard to play around with the design in lots of interesting ways and not worry too much about how the stones are going to fit in. As the stone doesn’t protrude from the ring the style lends itself very well to wedding rings. We’ve made quite a few rings with gems set on the inside, often birthstones or a nod to the engagement ring, which works much like an engraving. The two little green diamonds are for ‘two peas in a pod’.

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  • The 'rules' around when eternity rings are supposed to be given by a husband to his wife seem to be a little vague. Some people cite birth of the first child as the time, others 5 years of marriage. Honestly though, who would pass up an opportunity to get another lovely sparkly item of jewellery? Eternity rings are usually set with gemstones to match or complement the engagement and wedding rings. They traditionally have diamonds or other gemstones around the entire band but often a half eternity is more realistically affordable. Here are also some examples with children's birthstones, which is a lovely sentimental touch. Next page
  • A single rotation through the metal of a mokume gane wedding ring ring shows up the edges of the layers giving this gentle stripe pattern. It shows a lot off without being too overstated. Some of these rings have more twists, and other techniques used to make these mens mokume gane wedding rings subtle but special and unique. Two of our most popular Mokume Gane wedding rings are available on Etsy here and here. Next page
  • By changing the number of layers of metal in a mokume gane ring, using two billets twisted together or even cutting into the middle of a twist, many different patterns can be achieved. Tighter twists give a steeper angle on the edge and using platinum along with a softer metal such as gold or silver can create a lovely rippled effect after polishing. We've had wonderful reactions from clients on delivery of some of these rings! Next page
  • Using silver layers in a ring allows Richard to use etching. Technically any metal can be etched, but we don’t want to play with nitric acid. The recessed silver can then be black rhodium plated creating this very bold pattern. These are popular with people who like the idea of a black wedding ring. One of our most popular Mokume Gane rings is available to buy on Etsy. Next page
  • These matching wedding bands make a wonderful pair very simply. The 'vein' rings work like a yin yang in that both rings have a small part of the other. The vein runs all the way through the metal, so it can’t be rubbed off and won’t wear out. It works best when both people have slightly different colouring, so one looks better in white metal and the other in yellow or red. This represents quite a few options. We often have clients come to us with wedding rings inherited from a late mother, father or grandparent. Using some or all of the precious metal from these rings gives a wedding rings extra sentimentality. Other rings on this page have an inlay of a small piece of the partner's metal, which bonds the rings together in a particularly subtle way. Next page
  • Having trained in silversmithing and blacksmithing, I feel I have quite an affinity with rivets. All the moments when you take a piece of metal and work it like it’s plasticine really tickle me. See more two colour wedding rings HERE.


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