Aren’t hands awesome? They’re one of the defining things about us as humans and have so much magnificently fine tuned engineering in them. Hands are famed as hard to draw, but once you’ve figured out the arcs of the knuckles they’re fairly straightforward. The wrists are the hardest part. Claddagh rings traditionally include a crown and a heart, but these rings are transforming it into more modern claddagh engagement rings, which needs to be taller and narrower to fit next to a wedding ring. The row of diamonds is a nod to the crown and the tattoos are personal to each client of each of the claddagh engagement rings, mixing Indian and Celtic symbols in one of them.

From above, the platinum and diamond ring had to look as simple and classic as possible, but from the sides the central stone is held between the wings of a pair of larks ascending.  This perfectly tackles the need for a balance of subtlety, sentimentality, elegance and, perhaps most importantly, fun for me. The woman this was designed for (in secret) plays the violin and her favourite piece is ‘The Lark Ascending’, plus in her parents’ garden there are larks that actually ‘ascend’, which is supposedly quite rare.

The red gold and platinum ring, set with a black diamond, is a type of yin yang ring. The platinum side represents the tail of a metal horse, and the red gold side is the stripes of a fire tiger. These symbolise the man and the woman in the relationship.

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